Candidate List and Election Calendar

2024 Candidate List Election Calendar

Filing Dates and Deadlines


Date Deadline
08/07/2024 Candidates; Issues and Local Liquor Options
08/23/2024 Protest against candidates and local liqour option petitions
08/26/2024 Write-in Candidates
08/30/2024 Protest against write-in candidates
09/06/2024 Charter Amendments
09/27/2024 Notice of Appointment of Observers for in-person absentee voting period. R.C. 3505.21 (11days)
10/16/2024 Petition to be Recognized as a Committee to Appoint Observers
10/24/2024 Pre Election Campaign Finance Report (Close of books 10/16/2024)
10/25/2024 Notice of Appointment of Observers for election day
11/04/2024 Amendment of Notice of Appointment of Observers
12/13/2024 Post Election Campaign Finance Report (Close of books 12/6/2024)


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Campaign Finance Resources

Search Campaign Finance Reports

Anyone registered to vote in Ohio and living in Cuyahoga County can come to the board of elections offices during the scheduled hours.


The Ohio Campaign Finance Handbook assists all reporting entities in navigating the various regulatory paths established by Ohio law.

Campaign Finance Overview

Powerpoint presentation resource for candidates and PAC's.

Campaign Finance Forms

Ohio Campaign Finance forms are available as interactive PDFs. Instructions for completion accompany each form.

Contribution Limits

This chart is intended to be a general guide and does not include every statutory provision relating to contribution limits.

Contact Information

Rosemarie Amato
Susanne Nieves Stames
Auditor (A - Ge)
Rae Combs
Auditor (Gf - M)
Frank Milluzzi
Auditor (N - Z)

Auditors are assigned according to the candidate's last name or the PAC treasurer's last name.

Local Resources

2024 Election Calendar

Contains important information for candidates, including filing deadlines, filing fees, and other important petition filing information. It also contains general information for the public including election calendars, timelines, and current officeholders.

2024 Candidate Requirements Guide

If you are considering running for office in Ohio, this guide provided by the SOS can help you navigate the legal requirements to becoming a candidate. See the Election Calendar above for more specifics on local municipal, school district, and judicial elected offices.

Get Your Vote-by-Mail Labels and Lists

Print out Vote-by-Mail labels or download (.csv file) a list of voters who have requested a ballot or voted Early-in-Person. Label information for Vote-by-Mail Ballot applicants will be available by 2:00 AM on the day after processing.

Voter Registration Statistics

Voter registration reports identify totals of eligible voters in Cuyahoga County by city, precinct and party.

Street Range Guide

Generate a printable list of street ranges (odd and even) based upon specific search criteria.

Candidate Filing Checklist

The Board of Elections provides a petition checklist for candidates prior to filing. Ohio law does not permit any changes to the petition once it is filed.

Items Available Through the Cashier

A list of items available for purchase from our cashier located on the second floor of our main building.

Maps and Data

Maps of cities, districts, wards, and precincts. Also find data downloads like Registered Voter lists and Polling Locations.

Petition Protocols

Learn more about Cuyahoga County specific petition criteria, including information on petition pre-checks and official time and location of petition filing.

Petition Forms - Ohio Secretary of State

Ohio Secretary of State Prescribed Forms and Petitions 1-500.

State and Federal Resources

Political Party and Campaign Resources

Election Observers

Rules that govern Election Observers; Notice/Certificate of Appointment or Amendment forms; and the Observer Oath.

Recount Process

Chapter 3515 of the Ohio Revised Code.

How to File a Protest

Section 3513.05 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Local Liquor Options

Local option elections allow voters to vote on the question of whether, and to what extent, alcohol sales and consumption will be allowed within a particular area.

Commonly Used Ohio Ballot Handbook Chapters

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